Dentist Mission Viejo What Is Osseous Surgery?

What Happens During Osseous Surgery?


Osseous surgery is a procedure the dentist uses as a last resort to strengthen the area surrounding a tooth. It’s done to preserve the tooth and prevent extraction. You may have heard it referred to as flap surgery and it’s often performed when your tooth socket fails to respond to other treatment options.

Before the procedure, your dentist applies a local anesthetic so the area becomes numb. Then, an incision is made in your gum tissue around the region. This needs to be treated and cleaned before anything else occurs.


The dentist carefully reveals the bone and tooth lying underneath the gum. This area is also cleaned to remove any tartar and plaque build-up. Once all the cleaning is complete, the dentist sets out to ensure the bone surface is also free of bacteria.


If bacteria were present, it ate away at the surface of the bone, causing uneven ridges. These must be smoothed out to avoid more bacteria getting trapped inside. This is essential for proper healing.

Once all the cleaning is complete and the bone is smoothed, your dentist trims away the gum tissue so it fits your new bone structure. Then, the gums are gently stitched back into place.


After the Procedure

The dentist supplies complete guidelines for you to follow and it’s essential that you take them seriously. You will need some pain medication once the anesthesia wears off. In about six to ten days, the stitches are removed.


Then, the dentist will want to see you again in about a month to ensure that you’ve healed properly. In areas where the gum tissue was trimmed, you might notice that the teeth appear longer. This is normal, but they might be more sensitive to temperatures, so you’ll want to proceed with caution.


Make sure you use good oral hygiene once the treatment is complete so you don’t end up with any further infection. Learn more on how it's done with Mission Viejo Cosmetic Dentist.