Dentist Mission Viejo Tooth Reshaping

Mission Viejo Cosmetic Dentist Shares the Pros and Cons

Achieving a beautiful smile is easier than ever with cosmetic dentistry procedures that are now available today. You can quickly take care of stained, lost or chipped teeth with the newest treatments available. So let’s discuss the benefits of tooth reshaping and see if it’s right for you.
What Does Tooth Reshaping Do?
Mini defects on the teeth can cause pits, lumps or tiny chips. With reshaping, you improve the appearance of your teeth and improve your overall health. This procedure is even suitable for dealing with mildly misaligned or uneven teeth. 
Reshaping involves removing a portion of the enamel with a drill or laser to shape or lengthen the tooth. It’d done with bonding agents so it matches the color of your tooth. 
The Reshaping Procedure
Before you have reshaping, an x-ray is taken to check the health of your tooth. If the pulp is close to the surface or your enamel is thin, this treatment won’t be ideal for you. It’s also vital that you realize you won’t get the enamel back that you lose through this procedure; it’s permanent. 
Once the x-ray is done, your tooth is marked with highlights on the areas which need sculpting. Then some of your enamel is removed. Bonding materials are added to create the desired shape. Finally, smoothing and polishing occur to add that perfect finish. 
If you have decaying teeth, unhealthy gums or infected pulps, reshaping isn’t for you.
Pros and Cons
Like any dental care treatment, you have pros and cons to consider. 
Low cost
Improves your oral health
Replaces more costly procedures
Less dramatic changes when compared with other options
Only eliminates minor imperfections
Enamel might become too thin
Dentin could be exposed
Tooth sensitivity might occur
With that said, only your Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist knows if this is the right procedure for you. There are other options like veneers, crowns, bridges and implants which might offer more of the result you’re hoping for. Sit down at your next appointment and work out the treatment plan that brings you the results you desire.