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Sapphire Whitening is the Teeth Whitening in Mission Viejo You Need!

Zero Sensitivity!

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With Sapphire Professional Whitening, you can bid farewell to sensitivity – the most common patient complaint about whitening. Not even a pre-treatment Aspirin is needed when you use this breakthrough chairside formula.
Easy Maintenance for Lasting Results
Not only can you create bright, white smiles with Sapphire Professional Whitening, but also included in the kit is everything you need to maintain that radiance. Sapphire After Care is a complete maintenance kit with Sapphire Take Home Whitening and Sapphire Brilliance Toothpaste. Sapphire combines the speed of in-office whitening with the longevity available with home whitening.
Unbelievable Brilliance and Health
Sapphire Teeth Whitening in Mission Viejo allows you to achieve dramatic results quickly. When used with the Sapphire Supreme Light1, the system is proven to whiten smiles up to 7 shades in only 30 minutes. Sapphire Professional Whitening also allows you the flexibility to whitened smiles without light activation. Beyond beautifying smiles, you can also protect them from demineralization and caries, thanks to the integrated fluoride.
With the Sapphire Supreme Light, you can also say goodbye to complicated patient setup. Unlike other lights, it does not expose patients to harmful UV rays and thus does not require protective sunscreen or face masks.
Frequently Asked Questions
What causes tooth discoloration?
Discoloration may be the result of genetics, medication, poor oral hygiene, aging, smoking, certain foods and beverages, or a combination of these factors.
Are you a good candidate for tooth whitening?
People with most types of discoloration can achieve lighter teeth through Sapphire Whitening Systems. The type of stain you have will affect how much whitening you will experience. Ask your dentist how much whiter your teeth can be.

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What is Sapphire Chairside Whitening Gel?
Sapphire Chairside Whitening Gel is a hydrogen peroxide formula. When activated by the Sapphire® light, whitening of over 7 shades is often achieved in 30 minutes.
What is Sapphire Home Whitening Gel?
Sapphire Home Whitening Gel is a carbamide peroxide formula. This type of formulation allows for whitening at home and is gentler to use outside of the Dentist’s office.
Is this whitening procedure safe?
Absolutely! When used under the supervision of your dental professional, all Sapphire Whitening procedures are safe and will not harm teeth or gums.
What is involved in the procedure?
With Sapphire Professional whitening, the procedure is performed at the dental office by a trained dental professional. They will use the Sapphire Light in conjunction with the Sapphire Chairside Whitening Gel to achieve over 7 shades whiter in just 30 minutes.
Sapphire Home Whitening does require the use of a mouth tray as the whitening takes place in the patient’s home and is worn for about 3 minutes per day for 14 days.
Will I have to wear a mouth tray?
Sapphire Chairside Whitening does not require the use of a mouth tray. This is a one-visit procedure that your dentist will perform. Rather than having to wear a mouth tray night after night, you will see results immediately.
Sapphire Home Whitening does require the use of a mouth tray as the whitening takes place in the patient’s home and is worn for about 3 minutes per day for 14 days.