Dentist Mission Viejo Pros & Cons of Dentures & Implants

Learn of the Pros and Cons of Dentures and Dental Implants with Your Mission Viejo Dentist

If you are missing any of your teeth, you are probably attempting to figure out if dentures or implants are the right choices for you. Here’s what you need to know.
It used to be that dentures were the only option to replace missing teeth, but that isn’t true anymore. Dentures are false teeth that are molded to fit inside the mouth with an adhesive. Each day, they will be removed for cleaning and overnight soaking. 
Pros of Dentures:
Ability to take out of mouth when needed
There are options of dentures to choose from
Option for people when the jaw is too weak for supporting implants
Cons of Dentures:
They don’t feel like real teeth
Tend to fall out at times
Make eating some foods difficult
Only last about five years
Implants are placed in the mouth with a titanium post. This is then covered by the denture or crown that look natural. With the implant rooted into your jaw, it is capable of mimicking your other teeth by stimulating the jawbone. 
Pros of Implants:
Never slide or slip out of the mouth
They are a permanent option – lasting a lifetime
Talking and chewing is easy with implants
Feel like natural teeth
Cons of Implants:
More expensive – but last longer
Not a good option for everyone, especially if the jawbone won’t support the implant
Which Choice is Right for Your Mouth?
Choosing between implants or dentures can be difficult to do. First, you’ll want to consider your lifestyle as well as your budget. Try to find a solution that is going to fit into all areas of your life with ease. If you prefer a permanent option that won’t cause any difficulty with your eating or talking, then you might want to invest in implants. If a semi-permanent option is better for you or you are on a tight budget, you could opt for dentures for the time being. 
Talk to your Mission Viejo dentist about which options are best for your specific needs. Then, the two of you will be able to plot out a treatment plan together. Please call our office today at (949) 455-9480.