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Dentist Mission Viejo Considering Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Alvarez Offers Sedation Dentistry in Mission Viejo

Being afraid of the dentist is a very common trait among all people. Dental procedures can be painful, after all, your mouth is sensitive. Laying on a table with our mouths wide open can also make us feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, raising anxiety levels. A little over one third of dentists in the United States practice sedation dentistry which is making patients go to the dentist more often and on top of their oral health without the stress, anxiety, pain or discomfort. 
There are 5 main reasons to choose a dentist that practices sedation dentistry.
1. Makes You Feel Good- The most common drug used in sedation dentistry is nitrous oxide. This gas is a blend of nitrogen and oxygen that helps patients enter into a relaxed state. Also called laughing gas, this inhaled medication is known for putting people into a deliriously good mood and helping them to laugh and be silly. 
2. Less Side Affects than General Anesthesia- Getting put to sleep may sound like the easiest way to get through a dental procedure however, there are many risks associated with general 5 sedatives. 
3. No Painful IV- Being sedated rather than unconscious means to painful IV pokes, no risk of veins blowing or being infiltrated. No bruising, taping ripping, or annoying IV cords in the way. You can also move around more freely and not be as restricted with an IV. 
4. More Cost Effective- Being sedated is more cost effective than being put to sleep. You will also be able to leave the dentist quicker if you are not put to sleep, even though you will still need someone to drive and care for you afterwards. 
5. Reduces Anxiety- Nitrous Oxide can make you feel good and act silly, but it is best used for reducing anxiety. People with severe phobias can sit in the chair much better when they are sedated. Children also tend to be more relaxed and sit still better when they are using sedation dentistry procedures. 
Sedation dentistry is not practiced in every office. Dr. Alvarez is proud to be able to offer this form of sedation dentistry in Mission Viejo. Call us today for a consultation at (949) 455-9480,