Dentist Mission Viejo Why Get Dental Implants?

If You Live in Mission Viejo, Dental Implants are Provided to Improve Your Smile!


If you’re missing a tooth or multiple teeth in your mouth, you may be experiencing difficulties throughout your daily routine. The missing of teeth can cause a series of problems for patients, from their self-esteem to their inability to challenge themselves when it comes to taking chances. Thankfully, in Mission Viejo, dental implants are an option for patients who no longer want to suffer!


When it comes to dental implants, many patients are happy to hear that this is a permanent solution. A titanium post is placed in your jaw to act as a root, much like the rest of your teeth, and has a crown placed on top of it that acts as a natural tooth. This implant is unable to get any cavities, but should still be taken care of much like the rest of your teeth. Patients are more likely to increase their dental care because they’ve been given a second chance at a new smile and they’ll want to take better care of their teeth!


There are many advantages for patients who get this procedure:

· Comfort: Because of the titanium post and attached crown, it works and acts as natural teeth, so there’s no extra care that you need to do like you would need to do for dentures. With a substitute like dentures, there’s always the fear and worry of them falling out, but there’s no need to worry with implants!

· Better Self-Esteem: Implants are extremely beneficial for those who are missing multiple teeth. These patients are most likely to hide their smile or refuse to laugh out loud because they’re ashamed of their missing teeth. You’ll be able to feel better about yourself and your looks because of your new and improved smile.

· Easier Time Eating: In the past, you may not have been able to eat all of the foods you wanted to eat before because of the discomfort of trying to chew certain items. With implants, you’re able to chew whatever you’d like!


If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure and what it can do for you, contact us in Mission Viejo about dental implants by calling (949) 455-9480 or clicking here to request an appointment or consultation.