Dentist Mission Viejo What Makes My Teeth Ache?

Dentist in Mission Viejo CA on Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are one of the most common dental issues felt by patients worldwide, and they could be exactly what is causing your teeth to ache too.


To address this fairly regular, but ultimately unwanted issue, today your dentist in Mission Viejo CA will be discussing the top cause of teeth sensitivity, as well as what you can do to prevent it from happening to you!


Frequently, patients who experience sensitive teeth will first feel the ache from them when enjoying a beverage or food that is either very hot or very cold. Cups of coffee and scoops of ice cream are often times the items that patients say “triggered” their pain.


As it turns out, foods and drinks like these could actually be the cause of teeth sensitivity in the first place!


Over time, as we ingest more and more sugary or acidic foods, the enamel (protective layer) of our teeth can dissolve away. Acids wear away at teeth and sugars feed bacteria that produce acids that, well, wear away at our teeth.


It is when this erosion reaches past the enamel and goes into the dentin of the teeth and beyond that you will see problems.


At the center of all of our teeth are nerves. Just as all nerves in our body, they are not supposed to directly come into contact with any outside stimuli or else they will send signals indicating pain to the brain. That is exactly what happens in these sensitive teeth ache instances. Cool or hot, sweet or spicy stimuli make their way through little-eroded holes in the teeth to make contact with the nerve, triggering a pain.


So what can be done? Although there is a variety of toothpaste, gel and mouthwash options available that are aimed at helping patients with sensitive teeth- they merely mask the problem using oral numbing agents. Speaking to your dentist in Mission Viejo CA about treatment options is typically the only real permanent way to stop your sensitive teeth ache.


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