Dentist Mission Viejo Ways to Ease Child's Dental Fear
Just saying the word dentist can strike fear into many people. This goes for children especially. When it comes to the dentist, getting your child on board for the ride can be very difficult. Here are five ways to help make the dentist a little less scary.
First, make sure you have a dentist that is good with kids. Try and find a pediatric dentist. They have extra training specifically to work on kids. You and your child will benefit from this.
Second, explain why dental care important. Seems simple enough however, parent’s often skip over this step because for them it’s just part of childcare. If your child is aware that you think it’s important and will keep them healthy and strong then it will be easier to get your child to relax.
Third, don’t forget to set an example at home. Be sure to follow good oral health care yourself. Children pick up their parent’s habits very easily. If you brush your teeth twice a day and make sure you are where your child can see you, then it will encourage them to want to brush just like you!
Fourth, schedule a meet and greet. Start your child’s dental experience by just making friends with the dentist. Let your little one sit in the chair. The more your child knows and is acclimated to their surroundings the easier the dentist will become.
Lastly, you should schedule regular visits to the dentist. The more your child goes the less foreign it becomes. Your child should be going to the dentist about every six months. If you do this thy will be less afraid because it will be less unknown.