Dentist Mission Viejo Take Care of Your Toothbrush

Dentist in Mission Viejo CA on Storage and Maintenance

Keeping your toothbrush maintained well is one of the most important things you can do concerning your oral health at home. Your toothbrush, after all, is the top tool used in both preventing oral health issues and maintaining a lovely smile.


To make sure your brush is always at its best, today your dentist in Mission Viejo CA will be going over a few tips for how to maintain and store your brush properly.


The first step you can follow is one to attempt every time you are about to begin, or when you just conclude, your brushing. Place the head of your brush under hot sink water and scrub through the bristles with a finger. This combination of heat, water flow and motion can help loosen up and remove any lingering food particles that may have stuck onto the brush.


Following your cleaning, storing your brush is a very important next step to consider. Make sure you place your brush in a holder that allows it access to plenty of air and that it is held upright. To not allow any other surfaces nor brushes to come into contact with your brush either. Try to wipe away and white residue that may form on the bottom or side of the holder over time. This residue can often be a place that millions of bacteria may fester.


Lastly- replacing your brush every 3 to 4 months is crucial. It is at this point that the brush can begin to not only lose integrity in helping you clean but also can be more susceptible to bacteria.


Follow the above steps to keep your ultimate at-home oral health tool clean and healthy for every single brushing.


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