Dentist Mission Viejo Take Care of Braces & Teeth
You just got a brand new set of shiny braces, now how do you take care of them? Unfortunately, your normal everyday teeth habits aren’t going to cut it. The brackets and wires will make it tough to floss, it is difficult to reach your entire tooth with your normal brush, food gets stuck easier and increases the chance for decay, cavities and tooth stains are more likely to happen.
Don’t worry! There are a few tips and tricks that will help keep your new gear and teeth in great condition. Angle your tooth brush over and under your bracket and brush gently. There are awesome tools called proxabrushes that help get under those pesky wires. While you’re at it pick up some floss threaders. Floss threaders make flossing a breeze.
Also there are certain foods that can help or hinder your teeth. Some foods to avoid would be: popcorn, whole apples, ice, hard candy, sunflower seeds, bagels, and meat on the bone. All of these foods can have a detrimental effect on your braces and teeth. There are food’s that are good for your teeth while wearing braces as well. These foods include: dairy products, diced apples, berries, whole grain bread, and fish.
Follow these tips and you will have a much better braces experience!