Dentist Mission Viejo Stop Smoking- Save Your Smile

Mission Viejo Dentist Says "Just Quit"

For years, health professionals like your Mission Viejo dentist have tried talking patients out of their nasty smoking habit. And while advertising, government officials and more have stepped up their game as well- resulting in a decline in smoking overall- the issue still does remain a major factor and detriment to the health of millions worldwide.


We theorize that one of the reasons people don’t quit smoking immediately (besides addiction) is that they don’t see much damage, as far as instantaneous whole-body-health is concerned. For instance, a majority of smokers don’t get oral cancer, develop lung issues or lose teeth from their smoking for years. If they can get away with it for a few years, why not?


Well, one area you can immediately see benefits and detriments in is oral health. Below we have provided just a few benefits you can see from stopping smoking, and for many more, you can read on in an article your Mission Viejo dentist has provided here.


Fresher Breath- most smokers find their own breath after a cigarette to be so unpleasant to others that they often cover it up with gum, mints or mouthwash. Avoid the need for these extra products and see your bad breath improve almost instantly when you kick your habit.


Whiter Teeth- tar and other ingredients in cigarettes can stain the teeth, more and more dramatically over time. Erase some of that yellowing by quitting and scheduling a visit with your Mission Viejo dentist. If it is caught early enough, we should be able to remove or whiten away some of the surface stains before they become “set in” to your smile.


For more information on quitting your smoking habit, or to schedule an appointment with your Mission Viejo dentist, call our office today at (949) 455-9480.