Dentist Mission Viejo Stain Relief For Teeth

Mission Viejo Dentist on Relieving Stains

To many of the patients of your Mission Viejo dentist, Dr. Alvarez, not much could be worse than having stained teeth. For that very reason, the doctor offers some of the most state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments currently available, including Sapphire Whitening. This top-of-the-line whitening system allows for less sensitivity, and the greatest leaps forward in the shade, all in the shortest time frame.


And although these revolutionary treatments can help undo some years of staining experience, it does not necessarily prevent future stains from becoming an issue either.


So what can you do to prevent this future staining “threat?” Well, of course, you must eat healthily, drink plenty of water, brush and floss daily and keep regularly scheduled appointments with your Mission Viejo dentist! This, as well as appreciating how your teeth change over time, can be important too.


What we mean is that as the body ages, the teeth differ in many ways. The enamel can erode or crack, resulting in stains setting in easier than ever before. Your usual black coffee and red wine might put your pearly whites in peril sooner or more substantially than they did, say, 10 years ago.


To help summarize a variety of the different factors and habits that can impact as you grow- you can head to the following article HERE.


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