Dentist Mission Viejo Secrets of Tooth Decay

Orthodontist in Mission Viejo Tells You How to Protect Your Smile from Severe Decay


Your smile needs special attention every day, and it deserves every bit of it! Your teeth work hard for you, working with all of the foods and drinks that you consume. It’s important to monitor your dental health because there can be issues that don’t show themselves until it’s too late, like tooth decay. Your orthodontist in Mission Viejo wants to protect your smile at all costs, so we want to share the dangers of tooth decay.


Tooth decay is actually much sneakier than patients may think—you don’t know if there are any issues until it’s too late. If you don’t go to your bi-annual appointments, the bacteria from your foods and drinks will slowly but surely begin to travel and cover all of the layers of your tooth, effectively damaging it.


Learn about the process of tooth decay and what the warning signs are, and make sure to make an appointment with your orthodontist in Mission Viejo by calling our office at (949) 455-9480.