Dentist Mission Viejo Save Teeth from DIY Kits

Looking in Mission Viejo for Teeth Whitening? Look No Further!


Everybody dreams of having their smile be the whitest and the brightest! Seeing their favorite celebrities on television share their smile with the world inspires patients to do the same. But sometimes there can be consequences to whitening your teeth without the help of a professional. Thankfully, if you’re looking in Mission Viejo for teeth whitening, you’ve come to the right place! We want our patients to know the dangers of DIY teeth whitening and why making an appointment with your dentist is the better choice.


Teeth Irritation and Sensitivity
There are some ingredients in teeth whitening kits that you purchase at the store that may be too powerful for your teeth. This all depends on each individual’s unique set of teeth, which means that not everyone will get the same kind of results that other people may get. There may be some people who are more susceptible to pain, causing frustration to the buyer.


Damage to Your Gums
Along with the irritation and sensitivity to your teeth, your gums are also affected, too. Some teeth whitening kits can have a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which can cause gum infection. If you use a take-home kit and notice your gums becoming inflamed, swollen, red or bleeding, contact your dentist as soon as possible.


Promises Not Guaranteed
Since there are several different brands who make their own teeth whitening take-home kits, it makes it difficult for patients to know which is the right one to buy in the store. If you try one kit and it doesn’t give you the bright smile you wanted, not only have you put a decade amount of money into this kit, but you’ll wish to buy more, or other brands that can also cost a pretty penny.


If you’re interested in a location in Mission Viejo for teeth whitening, our practice has a procedure called Sapphire Whitening. It only takes an hour and gives you the right, bright smile for you! Contact our office to learn more about sapphire whitening by calling this number (949) 455-9480 or clicking here to request an appointment.