Dentist Mission Viejo Helping Your Child at the Dentist

Helping with Children’s Dental Fears at Your Pediatric Dentistry in Mission Viejo

Parents know how important it is to teach their children about dentistry and taking care of their teeth, but sometimes it’s more difficult to do than it sounds. Many kids dread going to the dentist and will fight, kick and scream before stepping foot in the office. This makes it hard for parents, who do everything they can to coerce their young ones into going. But your pediatric dentistry in Mission Viejo wants to give you some techniques on how to get your children to be more accepting of the dentist.


Introducing your children to dentistry and its importance at a young age is highly recommended. It’ll less likely be a struggle when they know they have to get their teeth checked. Also, while parents know that going to the dentist is more than just getting your teeth checked, it’s important to keep the idea of the dentist’s office simple to their kids. Let them know that the dentist is just making sure their teeth are strong.


When you’re telling your children how important going to the dentist is, let them know that even adults have to go, too. But don’t try to relate your appointments to theirs. Bringing them along with you to your check-ups can be scarring because a pediatric dentist doesn’t do the exact same procedure with your children like a general dentist would do for you. If they see the big, bright lights and hear the loud drills and cleaners, they’re more likely to do that kicking and screaming mentioned earlier.


If you think your last resort is bribery, then you’re not thinking hard enough. Bribing children with candies and sweets isn’t encouraged because that’s not encouraging good oral health. Their dentist does their best to emphasize the importance of avoiding snacks, so if you tell your child that they’ll get some sort of treat if they’re good, then they’re going to ignore the dentist’s advice of brushing and flossing and instead focus on eating chocolate or candy. Instead of sweets, maybe use small toys, stickers, or pins that your child can “win” if they’re well behaved and pay close attention.


If there’s one thing that is certain, it’s going to be fussing. It’s very rare to avoid, so the best thing that a parent can do is embrace it. Staying calm, positive and upbeat for your child will help them calm down in return because they want to mirror your energy. Along with your professional pediatric dentist, your child can easily be all smiles.


If you have any questions or want further advice on how to help your children enjoy the dentist, feel free to call your pediatric dentistry in Mission Viejo at (949) 455-9480!