Dentist Mission Viejo Don't be Fooled by Sugar-Free Drinks

Dentist in Mission Viejo CA Protects Your Smile from Diet Sodas


It’s a popular misconception that taking care of your smile and taking care of the rest of your body aren’t connected. When people start a diet, it’s important to know what will take care of every part of your body! This also includes your teeth. Popular diet items like diet soft drinks have less sugar, but your dentist in Mission Viejo CA still wants patients to know that they can be harmful!


Your teeth are much more sensitive than you may know, so if you’re starting a new diet, you want to make sure that you’re protecting them, as well. Substituting regular sodas with diet ones, while have some positive outcomes, still has some negative side effects.


Check out how diet drinks can affect your smile and how to protect your dental health.


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