Dentist Mission Viejo Choosing A Toothbrush

Dentist in Mission Viejo CA on Brush Choice

While Dr. Alvarez, your dentist in Mission Viejo CA, has a great repertoire of tools that can help save or fix your smile, ultimately you have one of the most powerful ones available at home already.


Your toothbrush is an essential instrument in the prevention of dental disease and decay and must be used properly to maintain a healthy mouth. But with all of the options for brushes out there, choosing one can sometimes be a little overwhelming- we know.


That is why today we will compare and contrast two styles of toothbrushes, electric and manual, for you to make your next purchase, perhaps, a little easier.


Manual Toothbrushes:

  • Many colorful and different sized options available from a variety of companies you know.
  • Relatively easy to transport / not many parts to account for.
  • Cheap to purchase and/or replace.
  • Requires proper timing and technique to be used to be effective in cleaning.


Electric Toothbrushes:

  • Fewer color or size options, but still available from many reputable companies.
  • More moving parts, like charging cables or bases, so not as easy to transport.
  • More expensive to purchase or buy replacement parts for.
  • Requires less effort to deliver a superior level of cleaning.


All and all, brush choice will boil down to how you brush your teeth. Manual toothbrushes are a perfectly viable option for most patients, as long as they are using proper technique and choosing to brush for at least two minutes per session, twice daily. Electric toothbrushes have definitely made getting a proper cleaning easier, but as seen above, do have their concerns as well.


Regardless, no matter how well you do, or don’t, brush your teeth- you still need twice-yearly check-ups and cleaning appointments with your dentist in Mission Viejo CA!

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