Dentist Mission Viejo Beer is Good for Your Teeth?
Of all the things that could be good for your teeth I bet you never though that beer could actually be beneficial to your pearly whites – in safe amounts of course! However there are many styles and makes of beer that all need to be taken in account.
Just like dark wine and coffee, a darker beer has the ability to stain your teeth – especially beer made with roasted barley or black malt. Beer like this included porters, stouts, and Scottish ales. Beer that is aged with fruits can also increase your risk for stains. And lastly a darker beer has a higher acidity over light beers like pale ale, India pale ale, and pilsners.
But worry not – There is a positive side to drinking beer. Lighter colored beers that are thick with unroasted barley and hops are packed with calcium and silicon. These two things together help strengthen teeth, bones, hair, and nails. Beer full of hops also possesses compounds such as tannins – an antioxidant – as well as compounds with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial characteristics.
So luckily if you’re a beer lover and also worry about your oral health just stick to pale and India pale ales that are heavy in hops for a wonderful intake of antioxidants and enjoy some lighter craft beers with barley malts for your calcium and silicone intake. Enjoy your beer!