Dentist Mission Viejo Beating Your Bad Breath

Dentist in Mission Viejo CA on Halting Halitosis

Bad breath is one of the most frequently complained about problems from patients to their dentist in Mission Viejo CA. Chronic conditions of bad breath, also known as halitosis, can not only be embarrassing to deal with- but actually can be indicative that a greater issue is brewing with your oral health.


To help improve the scent of your breath, and thus the health of your mouth, Dr. Alvarez has compiled a few natural steps you can follow at home today in order to beat that bad breath!


Drink More Water!

A great majority of the quality of your breath depends on how much saliva you are producing. If you are not drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day, your salivary glands may be under-producing. Not to mention, water and saliva both help wash away food particles that can get caught between teeth and rot- causing halitosis.


Watch What You Eat!

Besides how much you drink, what you eat also plays a huge role in the scent of your breath. Of course items such as garlic, onion and spicy foods can linger on the tongue for a while- that is rather well known. To balance or negate these choices, try adding more fruits or veggies to your diet! Not only will you get a nice kick of natural sweetness by adding these choices, but you can also see the benefits of their naturally high water content too.


Brush and Floss Every Day!

No matter how much you watch what you do or don’t ingest, brushing and flossing daily are crucial to maintaining bad breath. You will be able to rid your mouth of any stuck, decaying food particles by keeping a regimen…and not to mention, most toothpaste or mouthwashes have a nice minty scent themselves too.


If you or a loved one suffer from chronic bad breath, don’t be embarrassed about it! Make sure to ask your dentist in Mission Viejo CA about it and for some more advice at your next appointment! You can schedule that visit today by calling (949) 455-9480.