Dentist Mission Viejo 4 Natural Ways to Brighten Smile
Whether it’s for a wedding, work, summer, or simply the holidays, we all love to have a beautiful white smile. Unfortunately sometimes our unique lives cause us to enjoy some things not so good for your teeth like coffee, candy, wine, etc., all which can cause your bright smiles to fade.
Luckily, there are many tasty treats you can enjoy that will help enhance your white teeth.
Water – We all know water is important but water actually helps cancel out the damage cause by things like white/red wine and artificially colored foods.
Strawberries – This tasty fruit contains something called malic acid. This acts like a natural teeth whitener and removes the discolorations residing on your teeth.
Apples, celery, and carrots – These crunchy veggies are natural stain removers and increase saliva production to help remove left over food.
Milk, Cheese, and yogurt – All of these dairy items have calcium which helps strengthen your bones and teeth all while fighting off bacteria!
White teeth aren’t as hard to get as you may think, simply eat these foods and see the wonderful results!